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The weather station being used is a Davis wireless Vantage Pro (model 6152).  The original station (cabled) was installed September 21, 2002.  Data began being gathered and transmitted to the Internet the following day using Weatherlink v5.9.1 also from Davis. In July 2012,  a new wireless station was purchased.   The station is located in the northwest corner of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on the Canadian Prairies.  The website also uses such other applications as Weather Display and Cumulus to create various web pages.

The location is a suburban neighborhood approximately 1 km from the edge of the city to the north and 2 kms to the west. The terrain is flat for as far as the eye can see.  There are few tall trees to obstruct air flow except for a few 15 meter high poplars approximately 70 meters to the northwest and northeast of the site.  The anemometer is situated on a flagpole 6.5 meters (20 feet) above the ground.  Unfortunately the slope of the land means that my residence located to the southwest of the anemometer,  is about 5 meters higher than the instrument.  This causes reduced wind readings for any wind with a southerly component.  Conversely winds from the west through north and east quadrants are accurately recorded.  UV and solar sensors are located on the flagpole approximately 5 meters from the ground. During summer months they have exposure to the sun nearly all day. During the winter they are shaded for parts of the day. The Boltek lightning detector is currently situated on the roof of the house about 8 meters from the ground. See the webcam for view of the terrain.

The Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) is located 1.5 meters (5 feet) above the ground in my back yard..  The ISS includes a tipping bucket rain collector atop a passive radiation shield which houses the temperature and humidity sensors.  Air flow is good around the sensors which provides for accurate reading on days even with little wind as my yard opens up to a park and and small urban lake..  During low wind periods, temperatures in general can be expected to be on average slightly higher (1 C) than official readings from Environment Canada at the Regina airport (4 km away). At times the difference can be as much as 5 C. This is due to the urban heating effect from such sources as central heating, automobiles, concrete and pavement. Environment Canada's data collection site is more than 1 km from any urban development and is also located in an area of slightly lower terrain which also contributes to lower values especially on nights with clear skies and little wind.  In addition,  differences will be noticed in the morning as temperatures rise quickly but as official readings are only reported on the hour whereas mine are reported as often as every 10 seconds.  Rainfall during high winds from the southwest may be misreported at times due to the shadowing effect of some evergreen trees  I have a CoCorahs rain gauge setup to compare readings for those occasions.  It is probably almost impossible to have ideal placement of meteorological instruments in a suburban area and one simply make due with the limitations of the location.

If you have any questions concerning the website or have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

About Regina, Saskatchewan

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regina,_Saskatchewan

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